five things you should know about my kids tantrums

No one enjoys tantrums, especially not kids. Flickr_ CCbyDavidD

No one enjoys tantrums, especially not kids. Flickr_CCbyDavidD

While my children are not adverse to the odd tanty, I’ve been lucky enough that most of them happen behind closed doors. “Lucky” is a funny word to choose. Tantrums are an awful experience to all involved, not just the child.

So when I’ve heard people talk about the disapproving looks of those around them when their child decides to literally spit their dummy, I’ve been slightly bemused. Surely people understand that tantrums are a natural part of a child’s development? Surely people know that parents — whether they are relaxed or strict — have no control once a tantrum starts? Surely this type of situation is met with sympathy before judgment?

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